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Smallholding for Rent in Ireland

Rent a smallholding in County Clare, Ireland

Smallholding For Rent In Ireland


Small holding available to rent in Co.Clare in Ireland

If you are interested in giving the self sufficient lifestyle a go, but you are unwilling or unable to commit yourself 100% to it without trying it out first, this should be of interest to you. A south-facing smallholding (pictured above) in the Clare lakelands of Southern Ireland available to rent for a minimum of one year.

The Farmhouse and Land

The cottage farmhouse is located just 7 miles from Shannon and Limerick (and just 20 minutes drive from Shannon Airport) near the West Coast of Southern Ireland. It consists of three double bedrooms, a fully fitted kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, and a large porch. It is fully fitted with double glazed windows, has a multi-fuel stove, and has a telephone line and cable television installed.

Smallholding to rent in Ireland

The smallholding comprises 2.5 acres of South facing land. Water comes from a new well fitted with a pump capable of bringing up to 300 litres of spring water per hour to the surface.

The Costs

Smallholding for rent in Republic of Ireland

This smallholding is available at a rent of 220 Euro per week - payable in full in advance (11,440 Euro). The only bills payable will be electricity, telephone, and bottled gas as there is no property tax or rates to pay on this rural property.

More Information

To find out more about this opportunity, and/or to register your interest in renting the smallholding, click here to visit the IrishMist website.

Article Published: 15:58, 16th Feb 2009

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