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Buy a Polytunnel

Buy polytunnels and polytunnel accessories

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Polytunnels are a great alternative to greenhouses where cost is a serious consideration. Obviously they are not as sturdy or long lasting as greenhouses, but it is possible to protect a vast growing area from the cold and rain for just a couple of hundred pounds.



* - 8', 10', 12', and 14' wide polytunnels and replacement polythene covers.
* First Tunnels - 6' to 30' wide polytunnels, polythene covers, hot spot tape, and adhesive cover repair tape.
* Highland Polytunnels - 8' to 14' domestic polytunnels, and larger commercial polytunnels.
* Search for polytunnel on eBay.

Replacement Polytunnel Polythene Covers

Polytunnel polythene covers

* Polythene One - suppliers or polytunnel covers and other polytunnel accessories.
* First Tunnels - sell replacement covers (film) and have a useful online calculator to help you to work out how much polythene you require.

Anti-Hot Spot Tape

Polytunnel anti hot spot barrier tape

Anti hot spot tape prevents the hot metal of the polytunnel frame from coming into direct contact with the polythene cover. Using this tape will extend the lifetime of the average polythene cover by one or two seasons.

* Polythene One - sells 9m long rolls of 19mm, 25mm, 30mm, and 50mm anti hot spot tape.
* Knowle Nets - also sells 9m rolls of anti hot spot tape.

Polythene Repair Tape

Polythene polytunnel repair tape

If your polytunnel gets torn, all is not lost. Careful use of polythene repair tape can help you to get a few more seasons out of your polytunnel cover. Pirces start from around 3 for narrow 25m long roll of repair tape.

* Knowle Nets - 33m roll of all-weather repair tape for polytunnel covers.
* Polythene One - Sell 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm wide 25m long rolls of UV stable polythene repair tape.
* Search for polythene repair on eBay.

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