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Buy a Water Butt

Buy a water butt and accessories for collection and storage of rainwater

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Collecting rainwater is essential for any person who wants to be self-sufficient. Apart from the environmental benefits of using rainwater rather than chemically treated potable water in the garden, with water meters becoming more common it can save you a considerable amount of money each year. Crops prefer rainwater to tap water, and it's great for washing your hair too!

A water butt is a large container used to store water. There are many commercial water butts available in DIY shops, online, and at garden centres etc, but they tend to be pretty expensive. A cheaper alternative is to purchase large recycled human food, animal feed, and similar containers and use these as water butts, or to use large plastic dustbins.

Multiple water butts can be connected together easily - see this article Connecting Water Butts from the renewable energy website.

Water Butts

Recycled water butt for sale on eBay

The recycled 220 litre water butt pictured above was listed on eBay for just 12 plus 10 postage, or you can buy five of them for just 90 including postage - enough to store over 1 tonne of water!
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Rainwater Diverter

Rainwater diverter - collect rainwater

A rainwater diverter is a simple device which fits into the downpipe on its way from the gutter to the drain. It is used to divert rainwater which lands on a roof into a water butt where it can be used for crop watering.

* - rainwater diverter kits for standard 68mm round and 65mm square downpipes. Available in white or black.
* Whitehall Plastics - rainwater diverters with an ON/OFF control lever so you can control whether rainwater goes down drain or into water butt. Available in black, white, brown, and grey for 68mm round and 65mm square downpipes.
* Gutter Mate - rainwater diverter with built in filter to help keep pipes clear of leaves and debris. Click here for full details about GutterMate.
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