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grow your own
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Storing Apples
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The Good Life

Find out about the ever popular TV series The Good Life

The Good Life

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The Good Life - Self Sufficiency TV Series

The Good Life is was a very popular BBC situation comedy first running between 1975 and 1978. It starred Richard Briers as Tom Good, Felicity Kendal as his wife Barbara Good, and their neighbours The Leadbetters played by Penelope Keith and Paul Eddington.

Tom Good tired of his work as a draughtsman and decided with his wife Barbara to life a self-sufficient life in their suburban home in Surbiton. They grew fruits and vegetables, kept animals, and sold and bartered their surplus crops. Full details about the series are available at the Wikipedia entry for The Good Life, and some clips of The Good Life are on the BBC website.

The Good Life DVD Box Set
The Good Life 9 DVD Box Set is now available at for 79.99 including all episodes from all four series and specials with FREE delivery.

Article Published: 11:52, 14th Apr 2006

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