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Allotment Gardening
Grow all you can eat on your own allotment.
grow your own
19:32, 10th May 2014

Smallholding for Sale in North Devon
Three bedroom detached house in 18 acres for sale - North Devon, UK
20:48, 17th Mar 2013

Find out more about nettles - how to benefit from them and how to get rid of them
15:12, 13th Apr 2012

Making Nettle Beer
Find out how to make your nettle beer
15:10, 13th Apr 2012

How to Make Sloe Gin
Find out how to make your own sloe gin
13:40, 13th Apr 2012

Grow Your Own Chilli Peppers
Find out how to grow your own chilli peppers
grow your own
13:33, 16th Mar 2012

Home Beekeeping
Find out more about keeping bees in your garden for honey
grow your own
15:40, 4th Jan 2012

Storing Apples
Find out how to store apples
12:23, 28th Jul 2011

Self Sufficiency Products For Sale

Essential items for a self sufficient life

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This is the product directory. Here you will find links to a selection of vital products for anyone considering a self sufficient lifestyle. It's a little ironic to have to buy things in order to become self sufficient, but without a spade you cannot dig, and without seed you have nothing to grow.

* Fruit trees
* Greenhouse
* Polytunnel
* Porous pipe
* Shed
* Strimmer
* Water butts