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Buy a Strimmer

Buy a strimmer and strimmer accessories

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Although a hand held sickle or a larger scythe offer a relatively quick way to clear undergrowth with human power, if you have a large area of land to clear it is difficult to beat a strimmer. Strimmers (aka brush cutters) are available for professionals and amateurs, with either electric or petrol powered motors.

Nowadays you can purchase a basic new electric strimmer for under 20, however, you cannot expect such a cheap device to last more than a couple of seasons. A good quality professional standard petrol strimmer will last a lifetime since its components can all be replaced in the future and they can be maintained by the owner.

For all but the smallest gardens, a petrol strimmer is far easier to use than an electric strimmer as you do not have to worry about the electric cable, extension cords, and so on. They also tend to have larger motors which can cut much more quickly through the rough stuff.

Stihl FS55C Petrol Strimmer - bush cutter

Best for value and longevity is a good quality used professional petrol strimmer such as the Stihl FS55C strimmer pictured above. Such a strimmer can be used all day long, month in and month out.

Look out for professional strimmers from the following manufacturers: Stihl, Husqvarna, Draper, Ryobi.

Expect to pay 75-150 for a good used professional standard petrol-powered strimmer.

* Search for petrol strimmer on eBay.

Strimmer Line

Nylon strimmer line

It is the strimmer line - typically made from nylon - which cuts the undergrowth as it spins around at speed. It is false economy to purchase a low quality strimmer line as you will just use more of it and spend more time feeding it into your strimmer. Expect to pay 2-6 for a 15 metre long roll of strimmer line.

Stihl make the strimmer line used by council groundsmen across the UK and it is rated as one of the toughest lines on the market. Look out for their 2.4mm diamond cut (square) strimmer line. Also look out for Oregon strimmer line which is also very good.

* Search for strimmer line on eBay.

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