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Buy a Shed

Buy sheds and shed accessories

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Garden sheds are vital if you have more than a few tools. A shed will keep all of your gardening equipment clean and dry as well as giving you somewhere to store irrigation equipment, spare pots, plant feeds, and so on. The roof can be used to collect rainwater for watering crops, and a good shed provides somewhere to hide from sudden showers!


Timber sheds are available in a vast selection of sizes from many suppliers. Most arrive flat packed and must be put together by the purchaser. Larger sheds and workshops are also available in a range of lighter weight materials.
* Shed Express - stock a vast selection of wooden sheds, potting sheds, and cabins. Sheds can be made bepoke to meet your exact size requirements, and despatched directly from the manufacturers.
* Garden Buildings Direct - direct sales of garden sheds, garden storage, log cabins, and other structures.
* Leisure Buildings - wide selection of timber, metal, and plastic sheds ranging in size from tiny garden sheds to light industrial steel buildings and farm shelters. (Home Offices also available.)
* Search for shed on eBay.

Shed Lighting

Solar powered shed lighting system

If you intend to use your shed during the dark winter months, some form of reliable lighting is essential. The best approach is to use solar powered shed lighting (link to informative renewable energy website article on solar shed lighting). This is affordable, easy to fit, and cost effective.
* Search for solar shed on eBay.

Shed Security

Shed alarm security system

A shed full of expensive and easy to resell gardening equiptment is a popular target for burglars. Therefore, it is unfortunately essential in most areas to secure your shed with a high quality padlock with a tamper resistant hardened steel hasp which covers all securing screws when closed.
* Search for shed padlock on eBay.
* Search for shed security on eBay.

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