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Buy Porous Pipe

Buy porous pipe (aka leaky pipe) and accessories

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In our article Porous Pipe Plot Irrigation we looked at the benefits and use of porous pipe (also known as leaky pipe or soaker hose). Setting up a porous pipe irrigation system is very quick and easy, and prices of porous pipe and the related fittings and connectors are coming down.

Porous Pipe

Porous leaky pipe irrigation hose

Porous pipe is most commonly sold in 15 metre lengths for under 10. These can be connected together to irrigate growing beds, however, it is more economical to purchase a larger roll (50m, 100m, 250m, or 500m) to save on packaging and to pay less per metre.

For example, Leaky Pipe Systems Ltd (link to website provided below) sell 50m rolls at 1.29 per metre (inc VAT), 100m rolls at 1.12 per metre, 250m rolls at 0.99 per metre, and 500m rolls at 0.82 per metre. It makes sense to club together with a few gardening friends to buy in bulk and save money (up to 40% discount).

* Leaky Pipe Systems Ltd - prices from 0.82 (500m) to 1.29 (50m) per metre.
* City Irrigation - sell 50m (50) and 100m (95) rolls of 13mm leaky pipe.
* Search for porous pipe on eBay.
* Search for leaky pipe on eBay.

Porous Pipe Fittings and Connectors

Barbed connectors for leaky pipe (porous pipe)

Barbed fittings are used to connect lengths of porous pipe together. These are available as straight connectors, T's (equal or reducing), elbows, and end plugs. Handy in-line taps are also available enabling manual isolation of areas which are usually watered.
* City Irrigation - selection of barbed fittings for 10mm (LP12) leaky pipe. Also have
* Search for porous barbed on eBay.

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