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Smallholding for Sale in North Devon

Three bedroom detached house in 18 acres for sale - North Devon, UK

Smallholding For Sale In North Devon

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For Sale: Three bed roomed detached house in 18 acres, £450k, with or without related part time business, (price negotiable).

North Devon smallholding house for sale.

The starting point was an empty 18 acre field in North Devon in 1988, ten miles due east of the famous surfing beaches surrounding Bude in North Cornwall, a mere hop to the rugged Dartmoor landscape and within shouting distance of the little market town of Holsworthy.

What is on offer now is a beautiful south facing traditionally built three bedroomed house in the style of a Devon long house, with the main living areas on the sunny side and large walk-in larder, utility and ‘boot’ room on the cooler north-facing side. All with the benefit of energy saving modern building materials and masses of insulation. The property has an agricultural tie, reflected in the price.

This house is the real thing in self sufficiency. A cosy Rayburn beats at the heart of the house in a large farm house kitchen with reclaimed local slate floor is light and airy. Another flue is ready and waiting to receive a wood burner into the ‘front’ room, and a third ‘mini’ wood burner in the master bedroom makes this a ‘no oil’ heating area. The very good news is that in 1990, one of the first jobs was to plant a broadleaf woodland. This now towers above our heads and is just ripe for coppicing, with many yards of hedge for laying, this is a fuel secure home. The Rayburn heats water has an efficient cooking range and two ovens leading to very little household electricity usage. The roof is un-shaded and south facing for solar PV fitting, and the attic is designed, with a little work, to be extra living space.

The farmhouse kitchen in the Devon smallholding for sale.

The kitchen garden has at least nine very fertile sturdy, long, raised beds making an easy care, ‘no dig’ vegetable garden and greenhouse. Further on is an array of young orchard trees and willow bio mass. No need to go hungry here!

The gentle south facing pasture slope, roughly divided into two parts by the neatly fenced and hedged national cycle path, rotates seven small poultry houses in the upper acres and the lower fields grow a wild flower hay meadow and Culm measure grassland, with some woodland. Devon Wildlife Working Wetland’s scheme fenced this in 2012. This is the natural pasture for native Red Devon cattle, usually between 4 and 6 on the farm.

On the farm yard and car park, newly drained and resurfaced in 2011, stand two large sheds, (approx 120 metres sq. under cover) are built in useful bays, and concreted for either livestock, machine or dry fuel storage, with secure block built feed rooms and hard standing outside.

Photo of the butchery in the North Devon smallholding for sale.

The present part time business, established in 1997, can be sold as a going concern, see, or use made of the two professional standard white rooms for any other food related business, cheese making, café etc. They are currently used as a butchery and poultry processing unit, both fully equipped, with three temperature controlled store rooms, a farm shop, worker’s toilet, office, storage and work shop. The farm shop lies on the A3072 the main Exeter - Bude through road.

The Ruby Way cycle track is fast becoming a tourist attraction with further business potential and some buildings on the farm could, with the relevant PP be converted as farm diversification to holiday accommodation.

Future owners have a very sound foundation upon which to stamp their own personal style.
Interested? Contact or phone 01409 253 570.

Article Published: 20:48, 17th Mar 2013

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