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What is a Smallholding

Find out more about smallholdings. What is a smallholding?

What Is A Smallholding


A smallholding is a small farm with a property in which the smallholder lives, and land on which fruit and vegetables are grown and livestock bred. The amount of land in a smallholding is typically much more than would be found on an allotment plot, but less than in a commercial farm - i.e. between 2 and 50 acres.

Overview of a small Welsh smallholding

In Australia a smallholding is called a hobby farm, in New Zealand a lifestyle block, and in America and Canada a homestead. The terms are interchangeable, but in South Africa, UK, and Ireland 'smallholding' is used.

Buy a Smallholding

Click here to view our article Buy a Smallholding with links to selected UK smallholding agents.

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Article Published: 13:33, 26th Feb 2008

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