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Buy a Greenhouse

Buy a greenhouse and greenhouse accessories

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Buy the largest and best quality greenhouse you can afford. The price per square foot falls as the size of the greenhouse increases, and you can never have too much (space permitting) greenhouse growing space. Increase your growing space with shelves and staging, and extend your growing season with a greenhouse heater.

If greenhouses are out of your price range, or if you require a large area to be covered, then have a look at polytunnels instead.


Rhino greenhouse from Greenhouses Direct

* - Rhino greenhouses made in Norfolk and sold direct to customers.
* The Greenhouse People - wide range of small, medium, and large greenhouses including lean-to and wooden.
* Robinsons Greenhouses - premium aluminium greenhouses.
* Search for greenhouse on eBay.

Greenhouse Shelving and Staging

Greenhouse Shelves and Staging

If you purchase greenhouse shelving and staging from a greenhouse supplier, it is likely to be much more expensive than if you put something together yourself using timber offcuts or old shelving. Ideally look for plastic or aluminimum products as these will last well, and foldaway shelves and staging are useful if you have limited space.
* - plastic and aluminium hanging, folding, and multi-tier shelves and staging.
* - potting benches, gravel trays, and heavy duty aluminium multi-tier shelving.
* Search for aluminium staging on eBay.

Greenhouse Heaters

Greenhouse heater

* CMS Gardens - range of propane gas powered greenhouse heaters.
* Garden4Less - plug-in electric, paraffin, and propane powered 1kW - 4kW greenhouse heaters.
* Search for greenhouse heaters on eBay.

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