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Buy Fruit Trees

Buy apple, pear, cherry, and other fruit trees

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While most common vegetables are relatively cheap to purchase in UK supermarkets, fruits remain expensive. Also, much of the fruit sold in the UK is picked before it is ripe (rather than ripening on the tree) and is shipped for abroad. Therefore the flavour of supermarket bought fruit is not a patch on home-grown fruit which cab be eaten ripe and fresh.

Fruit Trees

Cherry plum tree

Unlike vegetables which can easily be grown from seed, most gardeners purchase young (one or two year old fruit trees. These can be planted and will give fruit either the following year, or within a few years depending on the type of fruit tree. Very little maintenance is required, just annual pruning.

Most fruit trees do best when planted between December and April as they are dormant during this period and therefore less affected by the shock of transportation and transplantation. Also, planting in winter gives the roots time to grow before the tree comes into leaf.

* Keepers Nursery - sell 600 varieties of fruit tree from their specialist fruit tree nursery. On their website is a handy guide to Choosing the Right Fruit Trees.

* Blackmoor Nurseries - stock a vast array of fruit trees and plants. On their website is a very useful Fruit Growers Handbook.

* Real English Fruit - sell well developed 'quality' fruit trees (with side branches) which will reach cropping quickly. They have a huge range of apple and pear trees along with soft fruit plants.

* Chris Bowers & Sons - suppliers of specialist fruit trees. Have a very detailed Cultivation Guide for the fruiting plants they grow.

* Ashridge Trees - A nursery with a solid range of fruit trees with some very special vintage cider apple trees.

* Suttons - sell a wide range of fruit trees and bushes.

* Search for fruit trees on eBay.
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