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Chicken Coop

House chickens in a suitable chicken coop

Chicken Coop

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Eglu chicken coop with built on chicken run

A Chicken Coop (also known as Chicken House) is essential if you intend to keep chickens. It provides protection from predators such as foxes, and from the weather. A good chicken coop is dry and draught-free giving its inhabitants a safe warm place to spend the night. However, ventilation is also vital to bring in new oxygen, and take away ammonia, carbon dioxide, and excess moisture. As long as poultry are kept dry they can cope well with cold weather, but if they are forced to live in a damp envirnoment many serious problems can occur.

Each chicken needs around 6 square feet of space - with a large laying hen really needing at least 8 sq. ft. if it is to be kept happy.

Chicken run attacted to chicken coop

Attached to the chicken coop is usually a chicken run in which the chickens can move around and do what chickens do - clucking and pecking around. These runs are usually made of an arc of chicken wire which is buried deeply into the earth on either side to prevent predators from digging under and attacking the chickens.

Buy a Chicken Coop

Chicken coop with run

You cannot beat eBay for the range and price of the chicken coops on sale. At the time of writing (July 2008) over 400 chicken coops were listed for sale on eBay UK priced from 99p to 700.

Click here now to search eBay for Chicken Coop, or here to search for Eglu (the orange chicken coop and run pictured at the top of this article, and available used on eBay for well below the standard retail price. Manufactured by Omlet).

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If you're going to have chickens you better keep them happy! When making bird houses you want to make sure you all the right parts! If you are looking to make a garden bird house or looking for information on bird watching there is only one site for you! 

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