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Making Lemon Sorbet

Use a glut of lemons in this delicious lemon sorbet recipe

Making Lemon Sorbet

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Make a delicious lemon sorbet recipe

Lemons are a relatively expensive fruit here in the UK, but you will often find whole boxes of 20+ delicious ripe lemons at the market for the price of 3 or 4 tasteless lemons at the supermarket. Lemon sorbet is a refreshing summer dessert or palate cleanser which is very easy to make as the following recipe will show (and you do not need an ice cream maker).

Lemon Sorbet Recipe

A lemon sorbet has only three ingredients - caster sugar, water, and of course lemons. You need one large lemon per portion (approximately 50ml of of lemon juice) together with 35g of caster sugar, and 50ml of water per portion. Therefore for six portions you need 6 large lemons, 200g of caster sugar, and 300ml of water.

Pour the water and caster sugar into a small pan and heat gently while stirring until the sugar has all dissolved. Then bring the mixture up to the boil, and boil steadily for five minutes without stirring so that you end up with a thin syrup. Leave the syrup to cool, and then add the (strained) lemon juice. If you like sweeter sorbets, add more sugar, and if you like lemony sorbets then add a little fine lemon zest.

If you have an ice cream maker then simply pour in the mixture and follow the manufacturer's instructions to make the sorbet. Otherwise, pour the mixture into a shallow container and freeze for one hour before beating with an electric mixer until smooth putting it back in the freezer. Complete this freezing and mixing process three times in total, and then leave the mixture in the freezer to go firm. By beating the sorbet mix every hour for the first three hours, you will obtain a delicious fine smooth lemon sorbet.

Serving Lemon Sorbet

A nice way to serve your lemon sorbet is in frozen lemon cups. When juicing your lemons, cut the top one third off each lemon, remove the juice and scrape out any remaining flesh. Slice off a thin sliver from the bottom of the lemon so that it will stand up. The cup can be filled with sorbet and frozen using the top of the lemon as a lid. A little lemon zest on the top of the sorbet is delicious and adds a little colour, as does a sprig of mint or fresh strawberries. A lime sorbet or a lemon and lime sorbet are delicious alternatives.

Article Published: 08:34, 22nd May 2010

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