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Eco Hen Ark

House up to 10 medium sized hens with this coop made from recycled materials

Eco Hen Ark

livestock | smallholding

Eco Hen Ark fitted with the option 4 foot run

In our article Chicken Coop we looked at a few of the options available for housing poultry. In this article we will look specifically at the Eco Hen Ark - a hen house made from heavy duty recycled plastic collected from farms around the UK.

Eco Hen Ark

Plastic construction means that the Eco Hen Ark has excellent insulation qualities like wood, but is far easier to keep clean, will last much longer with virtually zero maintenance, and is very strong and fox and other pest proof. The chance of a mite infestation is greatly reduced compared to a standard wooden chicken coop.

The Eco Hen Ark is fitted with adjustable air vents at both ends to prevent it getting too hot in the summer, or too cold and draughty in the winter. The small front door slides up and down using a lever, and there is a large back door which makes it easy for you to get to the eggs laid by your hens and the two detachable nesting boxes included with the Ark.

Eco Hen Ark

The Eco Hen Ark provides an internal area of 20 square feet, and a fox-proof galvanised 4 foot long run is also available for an additional charge which clips onto the Ark providing 10 square feet of external protected area.

Buy an Eco Hen Ark

The Eco Hen Ark is sold for around £400 plus a further £70 if you want the 4 foot long run as well.
The Eco Hen Ark is sold with a 12 month guarantee and is typically delivered in under two weeks after ordering with free delivery to most of the UK, and a small additional delivery charge for remote and non-inland locations.
Click here to find out more or to find or more or to buy Eco Hen Ark now.

Article Published: 10:58, 23rd Nov 2010

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