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Compost Tumbler

Find out about the benefits of a compost tumbler

Compost Tumbler

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Turning compost is an essential part of the decomposition process. It aerates the mixture and it moves material from the edge to the warm centre of the compost where it will decompose faster. A Compost Tumbler is therefore an excellent piece of equipment for any self-sufficient gardener.

Manufactured compost tumbler

Compost tumblers enable the speedy small scale generation of compost to be achieved with a clean and neat looking piece of garden equipment. Smells are trapped and so it does not attract flies as a traditional compost heap can. Pictured above is an example of a manufactured compost tumbler. As so much oxygen gets to the bacteria, and as all material spends time in the hot centre, garden and kitchen waste can be decomposed into compost in just a couple of weeks with just one turn daily.
Compost tumblers are very easy to use, very efficient, generate much more compost much more quickly, and are very compact.

DIY compost tumbler from old oil drum

Although it is possible to purchase larger compost tumblers, they can be expensive. Therefore many people turn their hands to building their own using an old oil drum or rain barrel. See the picture below for an example of an excellent and cost effective home made Compost Tumbler.

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