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Build a Pallet Fence

Build a fence out of old pallets

Build A Pallet Fence

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Fence built out of recycled pallets

If you have access to a large number of used wooden pallets then it is possible to put together a very sturdy fence for a fraction of the cost of a flimsy commercial fence. Pallets are typically made of hardwood and are treated, so the only costs will be screws or nails and a bit of hard work. Reusing the pallets in this way will also stop them from ending up in landfill or being burnt.

Pallet Fence

Building a fence from used wooden pallets

With a pallet fence you have two choices. The first is to use the pallets exactly as they are simply joining them together side by side and fixing to preserved wooden posts sunk into the ground along the run of the fence. The second is to completely dismantle or remove boards from pallets so that a lightweight (and typically more attractive) fence can be constructed.

Ways to build a pallet fence

The image above (from Backwoods Home Magazine) shows how the removal of some of the boards from each pallet can help you make a pallet fence that doesn't look like its made from a line of pallets. The spare timber can be used in other projects.

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Article Published: 13:43, 17th Jul 2008

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